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About Southwest Looms Rugs

Southwest Looms was created in 2007 when, under the guiding vision of Professor Doug Lay, we replicated the traditional Navajo Weave. First came the Dreamcatcher Collection of Navajo reproductions. Subsequently we licensed Pendleton Woolen Mills Trademark and have used their designs in our Pendleton Reserve (hand-knotted) and Pendleton Classic (hand-tufted) collections.

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Prof. Dr. Doug Lay of Southwest Looms

In late 2015 we began production of the Natural Collection, using only un-dyed wool in ivories, greys, browns and blacks. A new collection called “Baja” using a double-weft flat-weave, provides a different look and heavier fabric and will be introduced in 2016. The subject of Navajo Rugs has a complex and interesting history and various aspects of the subject are addressed under our Rugs 101 Pages.

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Our Navajo reproductions faithfully follow the exact weaving techniques of authentic Navajo rugs and employ lazy lines, whipstitch side edging and corner tufting. Flat-weave carpets are not piled and consist solely of warp and weft. Different colors of wool weft produce the design.

Our Navajo reproductions allow clients the opportunity to showcase this look in their homes at an affordable price. Original Navajos are expensive and too rare and fragile to be used as floor covering. Very few large Navajo rugs were woven and when available are very expensive. It is difficult to find authentic Navajo rugs larger than 5x7. Our reproductions afford the opportunity to have this look in large rugs (6x9 - 10x14) or even larger for custom orders.