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How to Clean an Oriental Carpet

Cleaning a rug is no simple task...

That's why so many people bring their oriental rugs to us - because we are the best! No room for modesty here...

This takes you through the fundamental steps of the cleaning process. The specialist who is featured in these videos is Alberto Balderas - younger brother of Antonio Banderas - Easy ladies! Easy!

Just run through the videos and by the end you will have gained an expert insiders perspective on what is actually involved.

Please note, the aspects of cleaning that require more detailed specialization, such as controlling color-run, treating animal stains, cleaning silk rugs, etc, are not addressed here - these are just the basic steps for cleaning a wool rug.

Let the cleaning begin!

Step 1. Welcome To The Persian Carpet.

Step 2. Getting Your Rug Details.

Step 3. Dusting.

Step 4. Wetting The Rug Down.

Step 5. The Brush Clean.

Step 6. The Pressure Wash.

Step 7. The Rinse.

Step 8. The Drying Process.

Step 9. Cleaning The Fringe.

Step 10. The Final Dry.

For more information about our cleaning services click here.